About BOP "Birds of Paradise"

BOP is India's leading real estate consultants. BOP Group was incorporated as BOP Pvt. Ltd. In 2006.

Over the last 8 Years, BOP has successfully worked towards establishing itself into India's leading real estate consultants with over 70,000 satisfied customers and 10 state-of-the-art BOP studios across India, Dubai and Singapore.

With a strong team of more than 500 professionals, BOP brings the best to you always. Our interaction with you is driven by a deep sense of responsibility and care.

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News & Updates

14 MAY 2014

Expectations of Real Estate Sector from Elections

The exit polls of the union elections just gone by, show a stronger and more matured nation. The political scenario of the largest democracy of the world is at a cusp, where it is realized that a majority mandate is necessary for the nation to set out on a journey to mark the next level of growth.

12 MAY 2014

Office Space : The Grading System

Not all office space is identical and therefore there is a grading or class system in place in the Real Estate dealings, which is used to designate a class to each of them. Although the system is subjective, the criteria used for such classification uses attributes as the age – total lifetime of the development, amenities and features, aesthetics and broadly the infrastructure of buildings

02 MAY 2014

Real Estate Consultants Delhi-NCR: To Hire Or Not To Hire?

Do you really need a real estate consultant to help you find your dream home in Delhi-NCR? Perhaps you are always battling against the answers – Whether to look for a consultant or not? Well! While considering the rising number of buyers and sellers managing on their own, the process of buying, selling or renting a home or an office space; it is imperative to first identify the exact need and hence the solution.

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